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Citizens’ Inquiry on the Impacts of the Uranium Cycle
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A Submission

From Christine Patterson

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to express my concerns about uranium mining through the forum of the Citizensí Inquiry. Last spring when it became known that a company was interested in uranium mining in North Frontenac I was very worried. It was heartening that other citizens were not only concerned, but also willing to act to stop the progress of the proposed mine.

I have lived in the village of Sharbot Lake since 1990 and my family appreciates the natural beauty of the area and its opportunity for outdoor recreation. We do not have a cottage or a country property so we depend on nearby Crotch Lake for our canoeing and camping holidays. We have spent many days in summer and fall on the lake and have our favourite camping spots. One year we even started our trip at Mazinaw Lake and canoed through to Crotch Lake so that we could see the area as a whole. My hobby is to try to identify the trees, wildflowers, and birds of this rugged area. But more than a hobby, I feel a very powerful need to be out in nature - on the natural, unspoiled land and water. This area attracts many other campers and boaters but there always seems to be room for us all. I didnít know at the time that I was on Algonquin land. Thank you to the Algonquin people for letting my family enjoy your land for our brief stays. We were careful to preserve the land and all that was in it. I will ask your permission to enjoy Crotch Lake again.

Now with all that we know of uranium mining, I am greatly saddened that this area could be ruined. Trees will be cut, immense holes dug, the land defiled with buildings, machinery, power networks, lights at night, and the lake drained and polluted. In addition to this local damage is the contamination of the surrounding watershed and wells. The proposed uranium mine is not just an imposition, but a shocking assault on us all. We have the responsibility to protect and nourish our area, and to teach others to respect and value the land as we do.