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A Submission

from Jo/Anne Antoine

First I would like to read a quote from Psalms 24.. the Earth is God's and all that is in it--the world and those who live upon it --

The prophecy says that there will come a time when the Earth will be destroyed if we do not start to change our ways. The land was given to us to use and to replenish it. We have more than destroyed it's external value and now the mining being done is taking away the Earth's inner spirit as well. The Earth is formed to have different energy that keeps the surface from disintegrating--this means to separate into parts or fragments-- to undergo a nuclear transformation as a result of radioactive decay. The different energy protects the surface of the Earth from the Sun's Solar Heat. An " aura" of different layers called "Magnetic Energy Field" surrounds the Earth's atmosphere to protect it from the heat of the Sun's radiation. When the Sun Rays fall short of the Earth's surface it will become destitute and barren again. The mining will cease to be a part of the problem when the Earth's surface shifts from removal of different layers caused by the mining happening all over the World. We can make a difference by stopping the uranium mining and other sources harmful to our air, water and soil. We as humans are equal to our animals, birds and nature beings as we also breathe, drink and eat. Three of life's main needs. To destroy this generation leaves no path for the next generation to come. Our future children are the only hope to clean up Earth's pollution and toxic wastes. They will teach us the ways from the beginning when the Creator put us here on Earth - to live, learn and multiply on His Creation - Mother Earth. Not to destroy it with greed and take it's very inner being. The Government and it's Laws are weak in numbers compared to the Nations people. We must show ourselves in Numbers. Lets stop being victims of circumstances and take charge of our lives. I ask the Creator to guide and heal us and forgive us of our short comings -- to show us a better way to live without destruction ....