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Economics Over Logic

Yvonne Devine
Southeast Chapter
Conservation Council of N.B.

On behalf of the Southeast Chapter of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, I would like to highlight the work being done in this province to stop the exploitation of our environment and health for royalties from international companies intent on getting access to uranium, regardless of the environmental and health cost. Economics have taken over logic. The good news for this area is that the City of Moncton City, N.B., voted unanimously on Monday, March 17, 2008 to request that the Province ban all uranium exploration and mining in New Brunswick. The Moncton City Council will also be calling upon the mayors of all the town, villages and cities in southern N.B. to also make this request.

In addition, this week Moncton Crescent Conservative MLA John Betts tabled a motion asking the New Brunswick Legislature to establish an immediate moratorium on uranium exploration in the Moncton area. The motion asks that the moratorium be upheld until "appropriate and acceptable public hearings have been held." The motion cities the potential damage to the environment and citizens' health in relation to the fact that the Turtle Creek watershed, which is a source of drinking water for the City of Moncton and surrounding areas, has been staked for prospecting.

The Southeast Chapter of CCNB agrees with Mr. Betts that the possible health risks to individuals resulting from the mining operations, radioactive tailings, and chemicals used to extract the uranium are substantial. Also, many rural property owners are not aware that their property has been staked as prospectors do not have to advise the property owner unless they are coming to drill for sampling purposes.

When a government overrules or ignores the wishes of its constituents, those constituents must stand up. In New Brunswick, we are standing up in ever increasing numbers, as are groups from all across Canada and around the world.

We applaud the work of dedicated, concerned citizens in Ontario to make their government aware that uranium mining is not the answer, economically, or as a potential way to sustainable energy in the future. There are many ways to true sustainable energy but uranium mining is not even about that its about international companies hoping to score large financial rewards at the expense of nice, gullible Canadians.