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A Submission

from Allaine Nordinwaller

After many calls to Dalton McGuinty's office concerning the uranium mining exploration near Sharbot Lake, I finally got someone on the other end to actually talk with me. I was pleased with this at least, as McGuinty himself has not had the courage to come forward and discuss this matter with the people who voted him in.
I expressed my concerns...

1. The toxic waste produced in the extraction of the uranium that we know will effect our water shed all the way to Ottawa and beyond forever.
2. The fact that no-one has come up with what to do with the toxic waste we already have at the other end (other than to bury in the shield which is preposterous)
3. The fact that it is NOT cost efficient to build more nuclear power plants.
4. The fact that more uranium is not needed by Canada at this time.

I was told in that phone call that "WE HAVE NO CHOICE"

"If you put a frog into hot water it will jump out. If you put a frog into cold water and turn up the heat slowly it will boil to death".
Our government expects us to sit here, with 'no choice' while we are all feeling the heat of our predicament.

I thought we still lived in a democracy where we DO have a RIGHT TO CHOICE.

Bob Lovelace has made a choice. He is choosing to suffer for the fact that our elected government is ignoring the concerns of its people.

McGuinty has made a choice in choosing to ignore his citizens plea for discussion and making it clear that he will ONLY support the business sector.


We want change and a 'CLEAR VISION FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE' ...not keeping a 'peddle to the medal' at all costs. Lets at the very least make an attempt at communication and a MATURE COMPROMISE