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by Rene Moreau

For some time now, the story of the OPA has been circulating.

We were told that the Authority was an Ontario government entity, but by watching the issue for a while, we realized it was not necessarily so, since it seems to represent American corporate. The goal of the OPA has been, since day one, to get the Ontario government to get the taxpayer to pay for the 20-40 billion dollar price tag to enlarge and upgrade nuclear power facilities. Then, when that is done they will tell the premier to privatize the business.

Since NAFTA is in effect, which says 'thou shalt not discriminate against American corporate, the jobs will end up in American corporate hands! Considering how the American people are too smart to let the nuclearizers have their way, it seems, they will then be able to access nuclear without having the plants there and we the taxpayers will have paid for it, and our government will have handed it over to American corporate! Neat trick is it not?

On the part of the government, it is almost as dumb as using taxpayers money to subsidize the growing of fuel instead of food and we pay doubly by the higher price for groceries.

It's called 'Milking the cash cow', and the corporate world is getting expert at it, as shown by the Ontario Power Authority efforts.

Start thinking Corporate Magna Carta, or 'corporations Uber Alles'.