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by Donna Cuzze, Las Vegas, NV

THE PROBLEM is that all the US nuclear generator stations create nuclear waste and all of them are running out of room to put their waste material at their own facilities.

THE PLAN BY DOE is to truck and train ALL nuclear radioactive waste ALL ACROSS THE US to arrive at a specified destination where the DOE plans to store all the nuclear waste in drums made of material that "they say" won't break down for 100 to 500 yrs. They actually say "in that amount of time, DOE can come up with a better solution before the drums crack." The DOE plans to bury the drums underground.


Picture a train or truck accident OF ANY KIND involving one of those nuclear transports. If the wreck was over a body of water, that water is contaminated and is no longer usable. The accident could happen over the Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri or any other river. NO WATER. Imagine no usable water for years!

In addition, how many humans will be exposed to high level radiation. Can you see the flesh falling off their bodies? Even small doses of radiation can cause cancer and kill plants and animals.

Look at the map showing all the trucks and trains running across nearly EVERY STATE IN THE UNION and again ........close your eyes ..... and "imagine"all the bridges and traffic they must cross while carrying radioactive material to a location.


Close your eyes a minute and imagine a big cave filled with hundreds of thousands of drums of waste. Got that? Now imagine hundreds of trucks and trains traveling across the US through "41" states with drums of radioactive waste. Hold that picture in your mind for a minute...... Okay, now the scariest thoughts are an earthquake causing knocking all those drums all over the place. THERE WERE 30 EARTHQUAKES THIS WEEK IN NEVADA and sometimes we have more like the 6.0 quake a few weeks ago. Utah also has quakes like the mine cave in. Most of these are small, but even small ones when you're sitting on them feel big and shake stuff off the walls. Look at this map of earthquakes and you will see there is no way a dump should be in this region :
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Can we trust what the DOE says, that when the drums tumble they won't crack? If they crack, the material will seep into the water underground and containment it for a very long time AND cause cancer to all who drink it before they tell us they had a leak. Much wildlife and many cities around the area will suffer. Just remember, the space shuttle material wasn't suppose to burn. I wonder what Christa McAuliffe would say about the dump plan.

Do you think nuclear waste can be moved and stored safely for "hundreds" of years to come ???? Accidents happen and will happen. They are still trying to clean up Chernoble. Our nation needs to find a solution, but NOT the one proposed by the DOE.

I believe the only safe future will be one run on renewables, solar power, wind and/or geothermal.