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from Sheila Pratt

I am very concerned about the renewed interest in using uranium to produce power and to use for other purposes in the 21st Century. While we are told by the proponents that it is safe, green and affordable, I question all three claims.

'Safety' is often determined by the 'risk' involved, or by 'risk assessment'. Using this determinant, it may be considered very safe; however, in the case of an accident, WE DO NOT HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT AND ITS INHABITANTS FROM ABSOLUTE DISASTER. If there is no accident, THE DISPOSAL OF THE SPENT FUEL CAN NOT BE CONSIDERED 'SAFE' SINCE ITS HALF-LIFE IS THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEYOND OUR LIVES AND THE LIVES OF OUR DESCENDANTS.

The proponents tell us nuclear power is 'green'; I have not heard confirmation from opponents to nuclear power that this is so. I wonder about how 'green' the mining and processing is and certainly risks related to disposal remove any 'green' qualification.

Environmental contamination has occurred and continues to occur through military use of uranium; depleted uranium leaves large areas unsafe for habitation and the use of large nuclear weapons is simply too destructive environmentally to be justifiable by anyone's standards.

The use of uranium must be discontinued until it is truly safe and green.