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A Submission

from Leslie Thurston

A couple of years ago, l went to a beach in which the Pickering Nuclear Power Station was visible across the lake. One time l went in up to my hip and immediately developed a rash that lasted weeks. This rash was only on the part of my body that was submerged in the water.

A friend of mine went to go visit the same abovementioned nuclear power plant when he was a kid on a school trip. Each child was given a hand held meter for detecting radiation. The man giving the tour would tell the children to point them at something thart was radioactive and their little detectors would make a noise.

My friend decided to try it on other things at the plant. When he did the detector made a noise. My friend pointed this out to the man giving the tour, who said that there would be no reaction coming from that piece of machinery. My friend insisted that he was wrong ang gave the man a demonstration. The man then took the radiation detector from my friend and made him sit in the administrative office for the rest of the tour.

Has everyone forgotton Cherenobyl?

l want a world without nuclear power. I know this is possible and feasable. All it takes is a gov't strong enough to make those choices. Will the Canadian gov't make that choice? Are they strong enough? How about the gov't's worldwide, can they make the strong choice for the future safety of our children?

Thank you for chosing cleaner energy sources.