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John A. Heddle
Professor Emeritus & Senior Scholar,
York University

One of the issues that remains unresolved in the public's mind is what to do with the nuclear waste.

For many years I was one of the biologists chosen by the Canadian Federation of Biological Societies to be on an independent advisory committee looking into this problem. Our committee was very critical of the proposal until the very end. But at the end all members, biologists, chemists, physicists, geologists, and engineers were satisfied that the problem had been solved and that the final proposal made to the FERO panel was a good and workable one.

The FERO panel agreed, their concern being only over the public's willingness to accept the proposal and not at all over the technical aspects of the proposal.

I wholeheartedly support nuclear power as one of the solutions to the most important problem of our time, global warming and climate change.