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Olivier Weil, Moncton NB

Everyone knows that citizens in developed nations are big consumers of energy. The majority of our fellow citizens are unable to imagine life without electricity, and motorized vehicles. Leading active researchers in a variety of scientific fields that study global ecological and climatic conditions agree that in order to minimize future ecological catastrophes, developed nations need to produce energy with sources other than fossil fuels.

Suddenly, the masses are being told that the solution is to substitute nuclear energy for fossil fuel based energy.

The truth is that nuclear energy is not a major source of green house gas emissions, and would, in effect, not contribute to the dangerous rate at which our planet's climate is heating up.

But before we all go running off to mine uranium and build nuclear reactors, we need to ask ourselves a question. Are there other ways to produce energy that may be more advantageous than nuclear energy.

Wind, solar, and geothermal energy producing technology has become feasible and is being used in different regions around the world. There is a geothermal company in Peticodiac, NB, and Woody Thompson who owns the co. Fundy Solar in Nova Scotia receives all of his home's energy needs care of the wind and the sun. Wind, solar, and geothermal industries do not have as much monetary capital or political connections, as oil, coal, and nuclear industries. But with a little help from the common woman / man, perhaps one day they will. After all they exist, they work and they don't create green house gas emissions or life threatening radioactive waste which of course is the case with nuclear energy.

Most people do not consciously want to see our generation benefit at the expense of future generations.

Let's not blindly buy into some marketing scheme designed to generate more profits for corporations that already have enough. We need to consider how uranium mining and nuclear energy will affect the air we breath, the water we drink, and the land on which we build our houses. If enough people speak up, elected officials will create jobs and strengthen the economy with clean renewable energy.