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from Kristina Calhoun, Whitehorse, YT

While I love that the general population is FINALLY realizing that we must change our current consumption of fossil fuels; I HATE that governments and corporations and nuclear pushers are allowed to spew such lies.

Nuclear NRG is NOT clean NRG.

Look at Uranium City in Northern Saskatchewan. Look at the increased rates of cancers, breathing problems, etc. Think of all the lies that were told to our First Nations Peoples, and now look at the health effects and poverty that they are suffering. Governments seem to think if it is First Nations People that are suffering that it is okay. To this day they are being treated as a people that doesn't matter.

The exploration and mining for uranium is devastating. The production of the actual power may be cleaner than a coal fired plant, but the toxic poisons created from that NRG exist for centuries afterwards!!! This ridiculous idea that it can be safely stored underground is a lie. Think about the extreme weather we are experienceing and think about the upset to the earth we are creating. There is absolutely no guarantee that there will not be earthquakes that will destabilize the ground in which these toxins are sequestered, and there is absolutely no guarantee that generations from now people will understand the danger and need for secure storage.

The money that is being put towards the nuclear industry could buy every citizen of the world their own solar panel. Why would we not be putting money into clean, safe, renewable energy that does not come with toxic and life threatening by products?

I am so upset every time I see any hint of nuclear energy being a good idea, that it makes me lose all hope for mankind. One stupid mistake after another. When will these policy makers ever learn and why don't they care about our health and well being? The saying is true - We do not inherit the earth, we borrow it from our children and our grandchildren - and it is our responsibilty to leave it habitable.