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Don Ross

Hello, I'm 53 years old , father of 3 grown children & a grandfather as well, and having been alive when nuclear energy regrettably began to be used in Ontario for electricity production, I intend to be alive when it stops being used as well. Our descendants will unfortunately still be inheriting our legacy of debt, radioactive waste and decommisioning problems, but to continue on our current path without putting a stop to the madness now would be more insane. We must phase out nuclear & coal fired generation as soon as possible & replace them with all the well known alternatives that are readily available....wind, solar, co-generation, geo-thermal, conservation, bio-mass , tidal, & so much more. Uranium mining anywhere near human populations must end and what is required for medical purposes must be obtained from other sources. Nuclear energy is not green, and must be shown for what it really is...a hazard to human life on this planet in all it's frightening forms. We live only 2 hours downwind of a nuclear plant & 1 1/2 hours from a proposed uranium mine near Sharbot Lake, so we know only too well of the dangers of living with these dangers every day of our lives. I want the next generation to have to read about all of this in history books and not be left to deal with the next generation of nuclear energy folly.