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A Submission

by Allan S. Taylor

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my many concerns over uranium mining. I congratulate the people who set up this Citizen's Inquiry. It really is time for citizens to take control, and if necessary, to embark on large scale civil disobedience to stop the destruction of our environment, on which all life depends.

Our federal and provincial governments, unfortunately, are no longer governing of the people, by the people and for the people. If our governments were governing of, by and for the people, there would be no need for this Citizens Inquiry. Instead our nation, Canada, would be a world leader in de-centralized, diverse, sustainable energy options and a beacon to the world.

I am a Canadian citizen. I worked in the field of public health for 28 years and in a Community Development program for 10 years. I'm now retired. I've opposed the mining of uranium, and its' uses, since the USA nuclear bomb test, authorized by President Nixon, on Amchitka Island. More information is available at

I am opposed to the mining of uranium anywhere in Canada and I would like to see a total worldwide stop to the mining of uranium.

I am opposed to mining uranium, the beginning of the nuclear fuel cycle, for the following reasons:

- Uranium is not a sustainable resource. Uranium, like oil, coal and natural gas is a finite resource and, at present rates of use, will likely be mined out in 50 to 60 years. It is a non-renewable.

- Uranium mining cannot meet the conditions imposed by the Precautionary Principle (PP), which is recognized by our Supreme Court that the PP applies to Canada. See the Hudson decision.

- Uranium, or it's by-products, are used to make nuclear bombs and depleted uranium to make ammunition, both of which have spewed radiation far and wide and done incredible damage to the environment and to human health.

- Uranium is used in nuclear power plants which constantly emit dangerous radioactive products.

- Every nuclear power plant built in Canada has required a massive subsidy, and has had enormous cost over runs.

- Nuclear power plants are so dangerous they cannot be insured without a law that absolves the nuclear power plant from liabilities beyond it's property. We, the citizens, through our government provide the insurance. All industries should be so lucky.

- Given the Chernobyl accident, which spread radioactivity from Ukraine to Scotland, and all countries in between, one wonders why anyone would build a nuclear power plant anywhere.

- By applying the Precautionary Principle, nuclear power plants would never be built, because there are so many other energy options that are less costly, much less dangerous, much less environmental damage, much less centralized, much less subject to sabotage and/or terrorist attacks, and therefore no need for uranium to be mined.

- decommissioning nuclear power plants, safely, will cost billions (see Britain's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) and, to date, there is no safe way to dispose of the wastes that will protect the environment for thousands of years. Does our generation have the right to pass on unsolvable, incredible problems to future generations just so we can have cheap energy?

- people really don't want uranium mining, anywhere, because of the huge inherent problems associated with nuclear power and it potential, after use, decommissioning, and enrichment, to poison large areas of our only home, planet earth. Please, leave this dangerous genie in the ground.

Thank you.