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Citizens’ Inquiry on the Impacts of the Uranium Cycle
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Paul Gibson

It is beginning to register with some of us that we must change our ways if we are to survive as a species and if the planet is to become a more harmonious dwelling for all. And so …

How can we knowingly (as a society) continue to ignore the danger to ourselves and all other forms of life by disturbing a substance best left undisturbed?

How can we (as a society) unjustly continue to ignore the plight of First Nations Peoples whose health, way of life and very future are most at risk due to their distance from urban centres and their proximity to uranium mining activity?

Why do we (as a society) blindly refuse to make the connection between water, food and air contamination and the deadly by-products of uranium mining?

Why (as a society) do we permit the obscene abuse of wealth and power so vital to the illusionary pursuit of happiness on the part of the relatively few?

Whose vital interests (in our society) are really being served by its infrastructure when the will of so many is so blatantly ignored?

Whose governmental decisions along the way have permitted the sacrilegious violations of public lands and the outrageous disregard for private property by uranium mining prospectors?

For how long will we (as a society) continue to project the image of the world’s good guys all the while ignoring problems of major significance at home?

For how long will we (as a society) refuse to connect uranium activity and the rise of deadly diseases in our midst?

What must be concluded about a justice system that would so unjustly punish those who have peacefully demonstrated for a cause on behalf of all of us?

What mysterious gene in the makeup of the human being promotes such lack of insight?

When will we (as a society) rise above our individual interests and concerns and coalesce as a people to cope with issues that demand serious decisions?

When, at what point, will a united humanity insist on its right to survive and its right to enjoy planet Earth as its one and only home?