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An Observer’s Spiritual Perspective

Judith A. Matheson

There is a symbol called the Galactic Butterfly which is said to represent all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy. This is all of our physical ancestor’s human, animal, reptile, fish, shell fish, plants as well as the consciousness which organised all of the raw material from a whirling disk in the stars then planets and solar systems. Big Meaning. So big that the original Maya had no symbol for this. In their civilization it was like having no name for God. Just knowing the concept was good enough. Later this pattern was devised by Toltec or Zapatec weavers as a pattern for blankets and this was where Jose Arguelles came across it. He called it Hunab Ku. The Indigenous peoples call it “The Galactic Butterfly.” Butterflies are seen as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality. Wearing one of these symbols is very powerful as it broadcasts your reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy. I believe these words by Ian Xel Lungold reflect the affect these hearings will have throughout our world to help us awaken from darkness to the light of our behaviours and choices.

We can not turn back the clock on our history as a species, but we can learn from the affects of what we have done and that we no longer want to do. Many weeks ago I attended a United Church Women’s Presbyterial Meeting in which the speaker was Gerry Redmond of Ryan’s Well Foundation. Ryan Hreljac’s is the little boy age six, who had the vision of helping to build wells in Africa for finding fresh drinkable water for children like him-self. This idea has grown to an organisation which has raised millions of dollars to support hundreds of water sources in dozens of developing countries.

Gerry shared some startling statistics as it relates to our concern over protecting our natural resources on planet earth such as our people, our greatest resource, and our water. He pointed out that 82% of our blood is water- it helps us digest our food and regulate our body temperature. Our bones are made of 25% water. The human body itself is 70% water and in Africa the indigenous people having a saying: “Water is Life!”

As we look at the many observations learned from Canada’s experience in Uranium mining all being documented by scientists, medical workers, farmers, indigenous First Nations people and many other ordinary and professional people, who have experienced, the affects of what mining has done to their land and their lives. We see mining uranium has affected a cost that relates to water, the overuse of it, and the affects to it, that do affect these basic facts of life. Apparently a person can live about a month without food, but only about a week without water. On our planet, 97.5% of the water is saltwater, unfit for human consumption. The majority of freshwater on the planet is beyond our reach, locked into polar snow and ice. Less than 1% of freshwater is useable – every plant, every animal, and all six billion people on the earth have to share a very limited supply of the Earth’s available fresh water. At a time in our evolution, humanity is seeing that as the world’s population continues to grow: if the world’s water fitted into a bucket, only one teaspoonful would be drinkable. Because of internet and modern technology we can become conscious to the realization that over1.1 billion people lack access to a clean safe water supply! That is approximately one in five people on earth – 20%! And as our aging population puts even more stress on our present medical care systems and Doctors, we see that at any given time, half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from a water-related disease.

As we have been hearing first hand from our Indigenous First Nations Peoples for years, but our politicians and ourselves have been unable to hear: the fact is that water related disease is affecting 1.8 million children who die every year as a result of diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation. This amounts to around 5000 deaths a day! While the world of materialism and ourselves have looked the other way, instead of choosing to create new industries that can help dig wells, and protect our natural resources belonging to all of us, instead it has taken a child age six to bring forth a new vision! What does that say?

The Spiritual Ramifications of the Public Hearings into the Impacts of the Uranium Cycle, in four major cities of Ontario and specifically at Rideau Park United Church, April 22, 2008, in Ottawa, Ontario: are directly related to what it is we need to know about the affects of the things we allow, such as uranium mining and the affects we have seen happening on our drinking water and the health of our First Nations people, miners and even our war veterans coming back from Afghanistan. All forums to share knowledge, wisdom and insight, are an opportunity and an indicator that it is time, we must all look at ourselves, our chosen life styles and our responsibility to get better informed, to share what we know, that can affect a shift in consciousness that can then affect change in our actions.

These hearings are also a sign of how great democracy can be when people work in common concern and action. When ordinary citizens get involved, informed and share what they know! And take action towards transformation by empowering new ideas. We become the practical solutions to implement new choices and begin the process of no longer being part of the problem. The challenge is to see ourselves and to recognize our over consumption and the use of a majority of the earth’s natural resources. The issue of mining does affect the issue of water, and Canada as a Nation has a huge moral and spiritual responsibility to look at that. It must be addressed! We must restore connection to what is most important and that is our relationship with Earth and with each other. What we do in Canada does affect the world. We must restore connection with our souls. Beyond religion it is about relationship with our-selves, each other and our mutual home, Mother Earth. We must awaken to become spiritually motivated, to know the wisdom, that what is within is more important than what is without. That is our eternal souls.

There are three beautiful truths pertaining to the soul, and these spiritually awakening times in which we are living. They are ancient truths that have been restored and brought to light in this age. They were reflected to me by each of the presenters, the panel, and all the organisers of these proceedings, especially my First Nations sisters and brothers in Sharbot Lake and Elliot Lake. They are the following.

First, we are Master’s of our own thoughts. It is what we learn and then do with our learning in each experience and event: that is most important, to our own evolution as a species. Second, we are molders of our own character, and we need to create moral leadership in ourselves, to expect it from others. Thirdly, we are the Maker and Shaper of condition, environment and destiny.

We are all citizens of the same planet called Earth, and the presenters and all people present at these hearings in all four cities: were there because they had awakened to the consciousness, of the significance of each of our own unique lives and the self-responsibility we all have, for speaking up and sharing what we know. To help others get informed and be inspired into action that can create the change needed for our times.

Such Citizen’s Inquiries must be continued that ordinary people may get informed and be given courage to put pressure on their elected representatives to listen to the facts, revealed from the many presentations being documented from this process. It is time to shed some light and shame, to what we and our elected representatives have done and continue to do: as it relates to our Indigenous First Nations People. What does it say when the majority of their land is no longer able to give them safe drinking water, and yet when their leaders speak up to protect the land they are put in jail?

I believe we are just as guilty as our leaders for not having the courage to speak up against what is not right in the way our First Nations people, are having to leave their reservations and that a majority of them is because they cannot drink the water, many times due to the ramifications of pollution due to mining. I believe we must be responsible to expect and demand moral leadership from all echelons of our governments, city, provincial and federal to support new policies, by such great leaders of Vision as Grandfather William Commanda: who opened this Citizen’s Hearing in Ottawa at the young age of ninety-four! His vision and plan for the creation of an “International Peace Healing Centre” on Victoria Island will once created serve as a symbol to the world, that Canada is reclaiming its moral responsibility to protect the earth and many of its natural resources including the world’s water.

People and Elders from all over the world share William Commanda’s wisdom about the healing of Mother Earth and the strengthening of all Nations and Races which encompasses the desire to live more spiritually alive, in balance and harmony with each other and with Mother Earth. To experience life lived by being fully more human from as Grandfather reminds us from the Mental, creating Wisdom, Harmony/Balance, from The Spiritual, creating Healing and Development, from The Emotional, creating Vision /Planning, and from The Physical, creating Community Implementation/Action. Such hearings help us to learn and to bring to life and practice such truths as this integration process which connects our heads and hearts as one.

These wisdom spiritual guidelines help us seek to live and experience the second great truth that we are molders of our own character. Choice is the greatest action word in the English language. These hearings are reflective of the power of change within our selves to see new ways we can all participate in bringing more people together on the issues most relevant for our times such as the Uranium issue. These are great opportunities to restore hope by common collaborative action, to a cause beyond self. The cause is our home the Earth and our stewardship of all the basic elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire/ Spirit. And most importantly we need each other, to be the hope and the joy, of spiritual growth: learning to live life’s lessons from depth, what is deepest in our hearts, the soul, the light, the love, the passion, of the spark of Creator, connecting us to each others souls. That helps us to grow in our capacity to love, that it may be seen and reflected by our common goal as all citizens of Earth. To seek to leave a Heaven seen on Earth by our legacy being the way we sought to live, passed on for future generations, through our grandchildren and their children.

Such public hearings help us to see and hear the stories that have been significant events that have impacted and changed the speakers! We see that all these people who have made presentations, are helping to help others like myself, see the importance of the independent voter, of our getting informed and thinking for ourselves and seeing the importance of bringing more people together on issues. It helps us to see we must support leaders like these that help us raise our own consciousness, and that speak out to the swing voter on issues that matter to the middle and working class ordinary person. And that address issues such as uranium, water, and mining: that are most relevant to these changing times, where we must envision new economies and ways by which to help people who want to get involved but need the tools for change and what they can do with their new awareness in which to contribute and participate. We need new styles of leadership where we equally participate in the process of transformation.

Beyond elitism we must support people to run as independents on key issues such as the environment, creating new economies that are not as materialistic and fear based, that address our over use of the earth’s resources, and the need to release our fear and rather balance our greed, as we create peace, a world that does not need uranium for weapons or for the treatment of cancer. A world where community and wellness replaces loneliness and disease.

I believe many of these presenters in over four cities, are the new leaders we are looking for to help empower the grassroots ordinary person to participate in creating a new wave for a new future. These hearings are an example of what can happen in common purpose and collaborative effort towards a common goal. It is in all of us working towards reshaping our new priorities, that results in us taking our politics to a new level, of us being true to ourselves, true to who we are and electing real politicians who live from that same ideal and act accordingly. Shaping the character of our Nation is about we ourselves and these hearings are an example of acting in respect and mutual understanding, where we can see more clearly, that we cannot afford to keep the status quo, for it is killing us.

As we observe in such hearings new talk of solutions, we challenge the status quo and give people their power back, to tap into the desire to have new leaders run for elected office. To change the way we do things is to create a different democracy where our strength of character stands up for the little guy and injustice of any kind. This is the true moulding of a nation based on our own strength of morals, ethics, and integrity of character. These are the qualities seen in the hearing I witnessed. I saw people of all walks of life of strength and character, who have the knowledge and the courage to speak up, to address what is needing changed, and who can help support our present governments, to come together to see in new ways, the great imperative to change and take the steps in which to revamp guidelines such as the Mining Act which is unconscionable. Leadership must address the great shame we all share, as it relates to our historic and present day treatment of our First Nations People: to put an end to putting them in jail for trying to help us heal and protect our land and Earth. Our governments must be held accountable for what we the people want to support. For example the protection of Indigenous people’s rights in the United Nations Charter and the discontinuation of selling Uranium all over the world with no idea of how it is being used.

I saw such leaders at these hearings that spoke from an authentic and genuine voice, and were an example of the need for all of us to learn to speak up; for injustice and the big business attitude and corporate attitude towards the little person. I believe we must inspire the media and the T.V. and through internet and town hall meetings, inspire our religious leaders and our citizens, to support leaders who speak from truth and integrity to run for elected office. To support those such as Paul Dewar who has a passion for the earth and the water. To clean up the pollution of our minds and our earth, we must support those who are already in office who need our support for doing what is right. If we do not speak up we are a part of the problem, not a part of the solution.

I believe as we continue such hearings in every community across Canada, as Town Hall meetings, we help spiritual leaders, government leaders, and secular business and corporate leaders to begin to work together. The media and T.V. then will help our scientists and medical community to help us to create wellness and less disease, by all of us supporting the election of leaders in every echelon of government, to represent our concern on the basic issue of stewardship of our planet earth. Only then can we all support the vision of such leaders as Elder Commanda and the ways towards which all of us are working to create new industries and a sustainable economy, by which together we are moulding our character and co-creating a future for our next generations of children. To do this we must create new ways to support the costs of great leaders of vision running for government. And read such books as LEARNING from a kindergarten dropout, William Commanda Cultural Sharings and Reflections by Romola Thumbadoo.

We must as the Dalai Lama pointed out become explorers to discuss and see the possible ramifications of continuing our same behaviour, especially as it relates to using up most of our earth’s energy, by our present life styles and government policies. The amount we waste must be addressed both in energy consumption and the use of water.

We must become more conscious and awake to the ramifications of our own behaviours especially in the so called industrial western developed nations. Where it is estimated that we personally use each day in Canada 433 litres of water and in the U.S.A. 560 Litres compared to less the 10 litres of water a day women and children (girls) haul in Africa. It is also a startling fact as mentioned in the book Canada’s Deadly Secret by Jim Harding of the need for us to have adult education on the affects of uranium mining on our lakes and rivers such as in Saskatchewan’s The Wollaston Lake Spill: A Calamity of Contradictions. This book gives us facts that shock us out of the conspiracy of silence that has been keeping us in the dark.

I believe “awakening” is the ultimate Medicine to a good majority of the Earth’s problems: that come from “us” creating imbalance, disease and illness, mainly caused because of cultures not learning to balance our greed, and our God becoming materialism. Self-responsibility is a matter of morals and ethics that empower us to take action from knowing truth. In the same way Jim Harding presents an alternative, ecological vision for a sustainable future that not only takes up the invitation coming from renewable energies, but also links energy, environment, health, peace and sovereignty. We individual Canadians can with resources and information take back our own power to take action and steps to conserve rather than waste. To learn our lessons of what we do not want to continue and to however humbly participate in the great Divine work of evolution.

For example by fixing a small drip in a faucet we can save as much as 75 litres of water a day. By realizing that we use a full 66% of the water in our homes in our bathroom, we can be alerted to the amount we use and then save. For example one toilet flushed is 15 litres of water: one five minute shower with standard shower head is 100 litres and a low flow 35 litres, while running water for brushing teeth we waste 10 litres of water.

The affects of the public getting such information to action change and the affects of these hearings: are awakening us to self –responsibility, and the awareness on the many key affects of uranium mining and the politics of our governments from the municipal, to the provincial, to the Federal.

We must get our leaders and ourselves to work together on these issues. The power of choice is the empowerment of us being the change, in all of us modelling a new attitude of co-operation versus competition for our leaders to see and understand.

It is the power of choice that we can choose new ways to partner collaborative action, these hearings are an example of what can be done to create new ways of creating a world of Peace versus a world of continued dis-ease and dis-harmony. Taking positive steps now to give people the power through shared information to be motivated into action to learn to balance our greed, we are creating miracles, for we are helping each other through new consciousness and responsibility for the world we all are creating, to be the change, we yearn to see. To see that the universal brother/sister hood is not a mere poetical conception, but a definite fact: We are realizing that the true interests of all are identical. That one man/woman’s progress must be a lifting of the burden of others: That everyone who hears suffering and sorrow nobly in his struggle toward the light is lifting a little of the heavy load of the sorrow and suffering of his brothers/sisters as well. And then “I” and “you” become “we” and our thinking as “One,” simply for the good of evolution and the “whole.”

We must mould our own strength of character based on the truth and integrity of learning to speak up and to walk more gently on planet earth. Such Citizen’s hearings give like minded people a space to meet, and inspire each other, that such public hearings and inquiries must be continued, to gather energy and enthusiasm, for discovering the truth.

That we all must take part in the school of life, in ways by which we can see how inevitable is the great Law of Cause and Affect: And once we grasp the working of the law we can use it intelligently in regard to mental and moral development, just as in the physical world we can employ for our own assistance the Laws of Nature. The Laws of Love and the Laws above are helping us to increase our understanding of the wisdom and insights from our First Nations people’s as it relates to the affects we see in our actions towards our home Planet Mother Earth.

We are awakening through such gatherings that we are the ones at the grassroots level, the ordinary citizens who must display to others a new model of behaviour: for in us changing our attitude’s and desires, it is we who are being helped to create with each other, a new Nobility and a new Courage, and with it comes a New Vision for ourselves and for Earth. To gather on such key issues as the affects of what our lifestyles and choices are doing to our environment, and to create the on going process of movement to new choices for ourselves and our governments, has begun with these hearings in four cities of Ontario.

I believe we are all called to help form and shape a world of peace based on equality and sharing, as the First Nations Indigenous peoples have been reminding us of for centuries. It is time for us to co-create a world of hope and balance based on using just enough, of prosperity and abundance: a world freed of suffering and dis-ease is a world we can all choose to create a New Vision that is Prismatic and Wonderful. Of the Universe a new understanding, subtler and deeper of all human life. A New-tempered resilience for all the manifold perplexities, tragedies, and sorrow of life where we begin to see we are all called, we re all one, we are all aspects of each other. What we see in each other we wouldn’t see unless it was in ourselves. It is time for humanity to rise up beyond the darkness to experience the love and light that we are, and in sharing our own stories and endeavouring to write new Chapters, we do become one with each other and in so doing expand the Light! This is the Spirit of the unity of the Christ Consciousness that takes us beyond any particular religion; it is the new awareness that as the Hopi Nations ancient message says for these times is: “We are the one’s we have been waiting for.”

The third and last most beautiful truth pertaining to our souls; brought to light in these hearings and in these spiritually awakening times; is that of our pain and suffering taking us to a place where we can discover at depth who we really are, as not just human doers, but something more, spiritual. That our being present to each other to share and to listen, to observe and to be conscious, to awaken, is what connects us to what is within being more important than that which is without. We are all citizens of the same planet Earth and we are all connected, what affects the one affects the all. There is a Universal life force an Intelligence that seeks to express through us a loving caring energy that motivates us forward to speak and to share our truths that come from only lived experience. It is through selfless service and authentic relationship that we experience this eternal life force energy, of love and light that our eternal souls yearn to be one with. This source and mystery humanity has always searched for through many ways such as religion. Losing connection to this source has led humanity to search outside to give their power to fear, control and competition and to find solace in our suffering through materialism, status and titles: To live in fear rather than from love.

In restoring order and balance to the chaos, suffering and trials, we see in our world, more citizens of Earth are discovering that what is most important is what we do with the light and love in our hearts. To discover and live from our passion, to do what we love and love what we do for a cause greater than the smaller lower nature of self. That is the great spirituality that calls us to work together as “One.” Beyond just religion, it is about relationship and community, that through each other we are connected to Source, to our eternal souls and in so doing, we are co- creating a world of peace, from what is within ourselves, to live from our highest spiritual natures.

What affects the one affects the whole and we are all “One” as reflections of each other. It is in this experience of awakening to the aspect of being true to ourselves, real, authentic, genuine, and spiritual; that we are graced to experience that we are all inter-connected in the web of life.

This is the great spirituality and the compassion we need to be, to heal ourselves that we might help to heal our world: for it is our own selves and each other that is the Earth. What the ancient Mystics were connected with and lived, what modern science is showing us through modern technology, and what our Indigenous people are called to teach us again. We are the maker and shaper of condition, environment, and destiny. By our thoughts, deeds, attitude, and actions, we are our own creators: it is up to us to change.

For as within so without and what we are creating outside of ourselves is related to what is within ourselves. The great issue of our times is our lost connection with our souls and the need for us to create great moral leadership. To live from Spirit and Soul is to be a model of the Divine message of Creator God; the power of love that creates everyday miracles for we are changing; this is the higher power of a Universal Intelligence that the Mystics and spiritual leaders of every age seek for us to experience. It is the self empowerment that comes from healing and transforming fear into love, and pain into compassion, that we may reach out to help each other, to learn to love our neighbour as ourselves, to become advocates for doing what is right, by helping others to express through their hearts what is most important. To reclaim our passion to empower each other is to live from the power of Spirit not just ego that is fear based: this is what these hearings are helping us to do.

It is this pure energy of love and light that is the creative energy of transformation and from which all new endeavours take root: and it is this co-creative action, such as these hearings, by which people of like mind and open heart, have heard the call to come forward to speak, to seek to make a difference, to support each other in a common cause and in so doing to experience life lived more fully!

To express what is deepest in our hearts and souls to live from the depth of our passions is to make a difference, by honouring the sacredness of our own life journey’s and our stories. By sharing who we are and what we feel called to be and do: we can help traditional institutions such as government, business, corporations and religions to awaken to reclaim the pure spirituality from which all great religious traditions were first formed.

To be the conscience and deciding factor for a world in need of reclaiming morals and ethics: a world we are all responsible to re-create... The issue of uranium is just the tip of the iceberg that helps us to see the role we all can play in taking the simplest step of writing our representatives of our concerns. Helping people to see that remaining silent is no longer an option. There is no excuse to remain uninformed. Many articles by such investigative reporters as William Marsden are being written and citizens Panels taking place on many environmental issues such as “The Tar Sands” and “Stupid to the Last Drop.”

The Premiers of each province, Our Prime Minister and our local Municipal councillors must get hand written letters, not just e-mails of citizens speaking up against Mega projects such as mining, and housing projects that put our environment and health in peril. We must use these hearings to inspire each of us to read books, and take simple actions to provide people with names and addresses, made easily available.

Our voice must be heard telling our leaders that our natural habitat earth and our sense of community are worth preserving and protecting. And if their policies do not reflect this goal, we must have people run and elect a new attitude of leader. The book Re-Inheriting the EARTH by Brian O’Leary speaks to the soul of the Earth. There might still be time to listen. The environment desperately needs our help. This book is a great survey of where we are now and what we have to do to get where we need to go. It also points to huge possibilities. Share it with your elected representative to read. Read it and share it and be stirred to a new level! It is about spirituality and awakening to the seeds of new ways and Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths. ISBN 0-939040-37-9.

We are the seeds of what we create by our thoughts, words, attitude’s and deeds. We become what we feed ourselves. Our Planet Earth does not need to be in great peril; rather it can be a Heaven created on Earth. As we listen and make new choices as exemplified by the speakers at these hearings:

“As it is in our life, so it is in our bodies.” At a time when a patient is ready for clear and specific treatment once a diagnosis is made the treatment happens from the outside in. And in two people meeting for the purpose of healing, they open a larger perspective by combining mind, body and emotion. It is then that we can trust in an innate, natural self healing and the ability to transform not just ourselves but I would add by new information and imagination, we together can take steps to help heal what ills our present world of materialism, by replacing it by ourselves beginning to listen to nature and what she is telling us, it is we who must change, and it is we who are all called to live from Spirit, to create a life of prosperity and abundance where love not fear is our God.

To be involved in such endeavours even as an observer; is to be inspired by the words of the speakers. To know that people care enough to speak up and out: To know that we must all be the makers and shakers of our Divine Destiny

We are makers and shapers of condition, environment and destiny, as we all participate in such ways to inspire each other through the power of our passion and words. We are the Masters of our thoughts, we are the moulder of our own character. Such hearings help us to relate and to attest to that as fact. It is what we do with our pain and common suffering that is most important.

As Albert Einstein wrote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge; Knowledge is limited; Imagination circles the world.” I believe in sharing knowledge and also adding the insight and wisdom that can only come from experience, as we learn to live from respecting and honouring ourselves and our Elders. We must listen to our Indigenous First Nations people, and to the youth and the children and people of all ages and backgrounds. They have a message to tell us about their environment and future. We must learn to listen to each other.

This hearing was about sharing pain and concern and it showed what adversity can do to raise us up to be great leaders. All depends on what we learn and then choose to do with what we learn from our human experiences. We can put words to our own story and we can by our lives inspire the imaginations of each other to see hope shining through and our Spirits never giving up.

In Citizens Hearings such as these we can help each other see how far our society and ourselves have we have all come. In raising consciousness we can listen and acknowledge and respect each other’s diversity of truth. We can begin to relate to being ready as we heal enough, to awaken to see a possibility that pain is good and as we are doing in these hearings, to take an inventory and action. By removing judgment from the healing process we can let go of the past to find a common ground shared by all. We can unify in our striving for compassion for ourselves and others, only if we recognize our shared stories of pain and discomfort: and that we cannot change the past but we can affect the future, by impacting new choices.

Modern medicine along with the culture that shaped it, has noted a steady decline in appreciation and respect for the individual and the unique. I believe it is time that we change this situation and such hearings and the support by many city councils in Ontario, to vote resolutions to the Ontario provincial governments to put a moratorium on uranium mining, help us to achieve the ever greater need to support the power of our “constructive sharing” that takes us beyond the illness and dis-harmony of perceived separation, to the experience that we have more in common than we are conditioned to think. And that it is in shared goals and common purpose lived, that in itself is great opportunity for change. As William McGarey wrote: “Illness” has a purpose and I’m sure it is one associated with learning at the deepest level of the human being: The soul undergoing the experience knows this fact. There is an eternal need for greater understanding of oneself that can come about only from the learning experiences given each person and met in a constructive, helpful manner. This awareness always moves one forward toward fulfillment of the great purpose in life. Edgar Cayce modern Day Prophet talked about what one’s purpose might be and it is relevant to these Citizen Hearings of Public Inquiry into an issue affecting our souls and our earth.

The purpose in life, then, he wrote: “is not the gratifying of appetites nor of any selfish desires, but it is that the entity, the soul, may make the earth… a better place in which to live.” (4047-2) The goal and the purpose were a bit different, Cayce often indicated. The goal, he said, was to come to the point of knowing ourselves to be ourselves, yet one with God, or the creative Forces. That brings the goal and the purpose, the heaven and the earth, closer together in our understanding.

It also helps us to see how such continued hearings are important to help us approach things from the stand point of developing higher spiritual consciousness and need. People need what they truly need until they change their own consciousness in a manner that manifests a different need.

As information sinks into awareness sufficiently to put it into action; there is another pertinent factor in the healing process: there is an awakening of consciousness, a psychic event- of the body where true healing comes about. Consciousness is a force when applied in any situation as was modeled by leaders speaking at this hearing.

In the consciousness of our First Nations Indigenous People’s helping us to see the world as ourselves, we can see the power we all have as grassroots ordinary indigenous people, to in being given opportunity to speak out, we empower each other to see how profound our training, our own personal experience and what we have learned and done with our life events, that have impacted us. For they all can affect the way we live and see our world.

Whatever we are inside is reflected outside in the world we are all co-creating. And so on closing, I see this public Inquiry as the death of greed and the rebirth of The Intelligence of the heart, of Intuition and Imagination. The cause: survival of our Earth and of our own selves and our common humanity. To live from “One Ideal!” To help preserve and look after our Earth, and in so doing even as an observer, to be privileged to participate in the process of such hearings and inputs as this.. We are all playing a role to help each other; it is about the movement from ego to Spirit that continues for all of us, the life long process, to heal, to grow, and to evolve. To continue the work together of helping others to wake up to any corruption of any form, to forge new ideals, and then resolve, to be people of moral leadership supporting spiritual leaders that are made of “being real” of substance and a moral of ethics, by which they seek to walk the talk of truth and integrity, being integral to the vision of a world created by deep meaningful values shared and lived.

As faith leaders and secular leaders used the symbol of the tree and water in celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the City of Ottawa and the United Nations International Day of Peace on Sept. 21, 2005. This day was opened by the prayers of many diverse faiths as they shared that day with Elder William Commanda using the symbol of earth turning over soil and the sprinkling of water. May this turning over of the soil be a symbol for these hearings that they take deep root in our consciousness and grow to bring to our country and our world much spiritual fruit: .May our First Nations leaders and their people and we all citizens of Earth, from many walks of life, be fed and watered with new ways, based on new knowledge, may we participate together in the creation of our new culture and changed world. May the Sacred Tree of Life among All Nations and these readings below, affirm that we are all called to be the fruit of our own endeavours, and we are all called to love and support each other in bringing fulfillment to Creator God’s Divine Plan for Earth through us.

As we learn from these hearings may we turn over the ways we live and see the world, in the many new actions we take to be a consciousness that unifies our common resolve, to mutually make a difference; That in us and in our diversity we may we see and be the message of these hearings of hope. That we may as ‘One” experience and see the truth of how unique our lives are, and how meaningful life is when filled with purpose. We give thanks for knowing life is sacred, and that when we are choosing to seek to live life from seeking to help to make a difference, we are growing in our ability to live from our most authentic, real, genuine, spiritual selves; We are blessed that as we seek to live from our highest spiritual natures, we connect with each other and learn, that though we may say the same thing differently, we have so much more in common than what we have been led to believe separates us. We give thanks that in these spiritually awakening times that we are now moving beyond the illusion of separation to the truth that we are “One” These gatherings are helping us to sum up the deep spiritual connection we all have to each other and to Earth, and to affirm the context of how the importance of such hearings are to the human Spirit, and that they must spread and continue across our country and world as the below readings affirm.

In our Nation many Christians think of Jesus and how He speaks of our lives as choosing where to plant the roots of a tree: Either make the tree good, and its fruit good; or make the tree bad, and its fruit bad: for the tree is known by its fruit. This reading was shared by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa and the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ottawa.

The Bhai’I Faith shared:
“ Ye are all leaves of one tree and the fruits of one branch… by this it is meant that the world of humanity is like a tree, the nations… are the different…branches… and the individual human creatures are… the fruits and blossoms…”

As a Book of Mormon prophet urged, may we follow the call of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and strip ourselves from pride and then freely partake of the fruit of the tree of life … which is a representation of the love of God.

The Greek Orthodox Church wrote:
“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bare fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine, your are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

Hindu Scriptures were revealed by Brahman (God) posing as Guru (Teacher) to Rishis and Seers, seated under a Holy Tree. Deeper the roots of this Tree grow, broader its branches spread, greater Blessings and Grace shall emanate from its breeze, for Peace and Prosperity.

The Jewish Community Rabbi Yohanan Zakkkai used to say: If you happen to be standing with a sapling in your hand and someone says to you, “Behold, the Messiah has come!” First plant the tree and then go out to greet him.

The Muslim Community And We send down from the sky water rich in blessing and produce therewith gardens and harvest grain; and tall palm-trees laden with clusters of dates as sustenance for the servants; and We give (new) life therewith to dead land: Thus will be the Resurrection.

The Sikh Faith shared: “Blossoming forth and flowering through the Lord’s Name, peace is obtained. Contemplating the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, one is in spring forever, with the Lord’s name enshrined in the heart.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It is not only our divine obligation to labour and utilize the fruits of His gifts on this terrestrial glove, but also we… are responsible for the tending of the garden of Eden.

And finally from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ottawa a closing prayer that speaks of the prayer for all of these hearings to bear much fruit: “We pray that all your faithful people, Lord, hear your life-giving Word and allow it to take root in their lives so that we begin to build the heavenly city in all we do in this world. We make this our pray through Christ our Lord. And so it is. Amen, we give thanks and gratitude.


. These Citizen Inquires and Public Hearings are crucial and must be continued.

. They meet an imperative need to find a meeting place to share.

. To find solutions for creative action in groups in new times of creating spiritual co-operation and collaborative action, they serve as a model to be repeated in every community.

. They help people to participate and get involved, people yearn to serve and contribute.

. They help develop new styles of leadership that empower others to get involved.

. They create a foundation; framework and example for living selfless service, as we give so we receive are the Laws of Nature, The Laws of Love, The Laws of Cause + Affect...

. They help to create mutual respect creating prosperity and abundance by developing an attitude of equal sharing of Earth’s resources.

. They help us realize that the greatest resource is our children and people: all deserve to have water, land and a home to live.

. Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the passion in our hearts are Spiritual. We are all called to love, to serve, and to create harmony and balance on our planet.

. The cause is future generations and the need is to create with Creator a healthy earth and environment and in so doing a life full of meaning and purpose using our unique gifts and deep desire to serve: we are all called to create and use our creativity.

. It is crucial to focus on issues we have in common not scatter our energy in times of great change and too much information.

. It is time for constructive positive small steps to empower people with simple tools and steps to take action.

. In Unity we succeed.

. It is wise to publish a Book from these hearings and awaken others to how they can evolve, support leaders running with no parties, and affirm and encourage Leaders such as at these hearings that could run on ideas of who they are!

As authors Tom Harper and Matthew Fox touch on in books such as: The Awe Project, Re-inventing Education, Re-Inventing the Human. We must stress our need for compassion in order to grow. He says compassion is the living out of interdependence, sharing the joy, sharing the pain, and doing what we can to relieve pain, especially that caused by injustices. Compassion requires the calling forth of our deepest capacities as a species. That calls us to create a world and society, and a culture of peace. A culture of love where we are all winners and there are no losers; and a world that in relationship and authentic community, connecting us to what is the beauty of our real spiritual selves.

We need each other to bring out of us what is so good. We help in authentic relationship to help each other heal. A creation of a new Heaven on a new Earth is in we ourselves our inter-relatedness shining through the darkness of our times, to see the glory and the grace of our flawed characters is what is paving the way to a new world where Heaven is seen on Earth through the love that comes through the compassion for ourselves and each other of the human heart.

We are reminded by many parts of our human history that in great suffering and conflict there is an energy that takes us through our adversity and brings us great comfort and peace. It also brings forth transformation and a new rising of awareness that even in the Spirit of Conflict, we can be lead to a new Reality, and a path in which all of humanity can play a role in and share, in our common intent and purity of desire that is in our hearts, our souls can soar, and we be liberated from human suffering. To imagining and to co-creation of a new reality, that brings into new existence, a new Heaven and a New Earth.

This input is given in deep appreciation and thanks to all who are contributing to this effort and to this great calling for us all as Citizens of One Earth, One Creator God, One home, One Planet Mother Earth.