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Peter Johnson,
Deputy Leader
Alberta Greens

To whom it may concern.

Alberta is being pressured to accept nuclear power. Nowhere in the world is NP economic without large subsidies from the public purse. As far as I can determine no Nuclear power station has come in on budget.

Indeed, such developments are famous for the size of their cost overruns. Until the cost of decommissioning and cleanup are factored in the true costs are not disclosed. In fact the cost of waste disposal are unknown and unknowable. To say that future generations will figure something out is totally unacceptable.

Where the research is carried out, cancer rates are elevated, as are the levels of strontium 90 in the bones and teeth of children. In Canada the increased levels of Tritium are not made public or even investigated further for fear that negative publicity might be damaging to the agenda of the Nuclear industry.

NP is often lauded as being nearly GHG emission free. However, the mining of uranium is certainly not devoid of such emissions as well as being the source of other dangerous and intractable soil and ground water pollution.

Alberta of all places, does not need NP. Alberta has enormous solar and wind potential, to say nothing of the huge in place power generation and energy saving technology available to jurisdictions willing to implement them. (ie Germany and the Scandinavian countries). Even more telling is the failure to acknowledge the almost infinite resource of deep well geothermal power available to Albertans, which could supply all of Alberta's requirements and have surplus for export.

To sum up; The true costs, both financial and environmental are hidden from the public by the Nuclear Industry intent on expanding and enriching itself at the expense of the public and the environment. Alternative and sustainable technologies are already available. The huge subsidies available to the Nuclear industry should be discontinued and applied instead to sustainable power technology. If this was to be done, the change to sustainable power generation would be rapid and profitable.