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Jane Pawson

Hello Uranium Citizens Inquiry : I am very worried that Peace river or Grand Cache will be a sites for Nuclear Power plants. These thing seem to be forced down our throats and revealed as a done deal. Now with the totally appalling election just over with even more Big Business Big Oil Tories let in, once again and only 42% voter turn out Our Forest will be ruined Nuclear in the West and Tar Sands in the East. The say the power from the nuclear plants will be used to extract the oil from the tar sands. They are already using our natural gas in this way. I've Seen pristine wilderness turned to environmental hell in 30 years. They Say they'll do land reclamation. Only God can make the diversity of a muskeg. Then with with nuclear. What does anyone do with the waste. ? Sell it to terrorists to make dirty bombs with?

Yours Depressively
Jane Pawson of Edmonton Alberta Home of Dynastic Voting disguised as democracy