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URANIUM: Too Hazardous for the Hazardous Waste Depot

by Ursula Pflug

Every spring Doug and I go through the house collecting stuff to take to the Hazardous Waste Depot on Pido Road in Peterborough.

Old paint and broken or obsolete monitors, water filters, expired meds, aersol cans neither of us will admit to having bought and the like. Last spring, there was a broken smoke alarm.

"Oh no, we can't take that," the employees at Hazardous Waste told us, handing it back.

"Why not?" we asked.

"There's uranium in them."

"Shouldn't uranium of all things go in hazardous waste?" we asked naively.

"That's just it," they said. "If everyone brought their smoke alarms here, all the tiny amounts of uranium would add up to a larger amount, and the Hazardous Waste site could become too radioactive."

"What are we to do with it, then?" we asked.

They looked confused. "We don't know. Most people just put them in the garbage."

There you go, folks. Uranium: too hazardous for the hazardous waste depot. Landfill it instead!