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A Submission

By Marianne Pedretti

I’m here to express my concern that the Ontario government has allowed ‘Frontenac Ventures’, a mining company, to begin exploratory drilling for uranium. In my opinion, by doing this the government is showing complete disregard for the health of humans, wildlife and the larger environment. The government has also failed in its’ duty to uphold the rights of the First Nations communities of the area.

It is my understanding that the government has a legal obligation to the native peoples to include them in any development plans on these lands. To neglect this duty or to conduct it with bad faith has created a lot of strife and difficulty for these communities. It’s especially upsetting to me that in this case individual leaders from the communities have been made to pay a high personal price for the actions they’ve taken to defend the land.

Wildlife conservation is another important consideration. We’re at a time in history where wise stewardship of the land is essential to prevent continuing loss of species and biodiversity. The proposed development will destroy and fragment much habitat that is home to many of our provincial species at risk.

The most troubling aspect of this development though, is the fact that it’s uranium that the mining company is after. The history of uranium mining in Ontario is a terrible history of radioactive pollution, spills and large scale contamination of the environment. By even allowing exploratory drill holes, the government is risking potential contamination of the aquifer with radiation and heavy metals. The contamination will impact the water quality and the health of both humans and wildlife far from the drill area.

Since these problems are foreseeable and preventable if the uranium is kept in the ground, I request a complete moratorium on uranium exploration in the province.