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Depleted Uranium

A poem by Qais Ghanem, MD
Ottawa, Canada

Watch this poem being read.

They sold us uranium and called it depleted
We woke up one morning, only to be greeted
By chemicals in rivers, and toxins secreted

Polar bears are drowning, the arctic is heated
Mother earth is scorched, the rich have competed
To cut down the forest and have the job completed

The people in Baghdad, are thoroughly defeated
Their children have cancers that cannot be treated
Their genes irradiated, and some are deleted

They told us some stats, but hid some and cheated
They promised Kyoto, then promptly retreated
The rich corporations are utterly conceited
Lies and fabrications are simply repeated

The men we elected, in comfort are seated
For those who protest, revenge is meted
But we reject Uranium, even if depleted
And lackeys in parliament will soon be unseated!