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Uranium No

A song by Coreen Covert

We are sent here with a purpose and grow like the seed,
and part of instruction to sacred mother we must heed.

On the rivers of life, we birth our children.
From the lakes, communities draw what they necessarily need to live and feed.
Uranium in this element is horrendous indeed.

Along comes a mining company, thinking you'll leave your poison there.
How do you dare?

The ears of the trees should not hear a drill.
The feet of the wolf should still, without injury, walk a hill.

The sound of the land should be of animals and the birds in their nest.
Let the rest of life be naturally still.

The waters, things of creation and human beings,
no one has the right to make ill.

Those employed by these companies
would you have your families pay the environmental bill?

When will the judges and government get that there are those of first nations
and many other races, who will not swallow this bitter pill?

There is one law, referred to as the natural way
So wake up judges.
Do the right thing today.

Fact to Consider

One evening while watching TVO, I found myself watching a documentary on a type of radar which is - in its short form - called SOSIS. It had been used to find submarines. In testing it, they found that, at a particular depth, water has a sound chamber.

It also has been a consideration that radar is disorientating to whales, causing them to beach.

Someone once shared with me that there are commonalities in the environment. Logically this would point to a level for a sound chamber in Mother Earth herself. The possible effects relevant to mines would be sonic damage of tree roots, soil erosion. I asked a friend about the protest site and she said some trees are about 50 years or 100 years old there. They have outlived and witnessed many things. Don't let a mine kill them.