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While registrations are closed, we are pleased to report that 157 presentations were received during the month long hearings, from the following people and organizations :

While registrations are closed, we are pleased to report that 157 presentations were received during the month long hearings, from the following people and organizations :

In all there were 157 presentations at four venues in eastern Ontario.

The 36 presenters for the Sharbot Lake uranium inquiry were:

Jocelyne Steeves, Pamela Giroux, Larry McDermott (Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation and Plenty Canada), Helen Crowe, Joel Klassen (Christian Peacemaker Team), Carmi Gallant, Helen Forsey, Elizabeth Nielsen, Ph.D., Dave Nielsen, Jerry Ackerman, Doreen Davies, (Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation's Chief), Earl Badour Sr. (Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation), Emily Conger (A2A-Algonquin to Adirondacks Conservation Association), Howard Robinson (Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists & Buckshot Lake Cottage Association), Bob Miller, Sulyn Cedar, Steve Kotze, Andy Fisher, Willa Murray, Frank Morrison, Marilyn Crawford, Don Hanam, Maren Molthan & Scott (Peacework Band), Mireille LaPointe, (Ardoch Algonquin First Nation's acting co-chief), John Drozdowski, Winnifred Spuehler, Oskar Graf (Blue Skies Cultural Community Center), John Kittle, Martina Field, Steve Rymal, Mary Stinson, Larry Lightstone, Ken Fisher, Terry Tufts and Dwain Scudder.

The 42 presentation in Kingston were:

It was a very musical event in Kingston with songs sung by The Three Sisters, Ellen Hamilton, Jan Laurey and Michelle Girouard.

Presentations were also made by: Bert Horwood, Joan Rose, Ross Sutherland, (NDP), Sandra Willard, George Miklos, Marilyn Crawford, David Morrison, Bridget Doherty, Eric Walton, Wolfe Erhlicman, Ivan Stoiljkovic, Maya Thau-Elef, Coreen Covet, Peter & Ann Burbidge, Courtney Kirkby, on behalf of Stefan Seum, Jeff Colden, Jo/Anne Antoine, Molly Wallace, Mike Nickerson, Mireille LaPointe, (co-chief, Ardoch Algonquins), Susan DeLisle, Tim Sietz, Karen Raddon, Jean Gower, Charles Ficner, Andy Hill, Kate Maddigan, Kathryn Langley, Jan Laurey, Jerry Stein, William Payne (Christian Peacemaker Team), Peter Dundas, David Gill, Anne Joss, Art Lay, Tara Bowen and Rob Matheson (Kingston City Council).

The following 38 people and organizations made presentations in Peterborough:

Mark Winfield, Christine Artill (FUME), Robin Simpson (FUME), Mike Nickerson (The Sustainability Project), Siren Sounding the Alarm, Heather Ross (Environment Haliburton), Bruce Cox (Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada), Professor Paula Sherman (Co-Chief of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation), Julie Caron, John Miller (Families Against Radiation Exposure), Rachel Edge (Trent U Mural Group), Doug Smith (Green Party of Ontario), Kathryn Langley (Safe And Green Energy - SAGE), Dan Rudka, Linda Harvey, Raging Grannies, Hermione Rivison, (Kawartha World Issues Centre), Marion Burton (Occupational & Environmental Health Coalition), Corinne Mintz, Carol Winter (SAGE, Ploughshares), Steve Sharpe (NDP), Angel Hamilton, Marianne Pedretti, Michael Ketemer, Andrew Johncox, Faye More, Tom Lawson (for himself and on behalf of his daughter Molly), Pat Lawson, Peter Tabuns (MPP, NDP Environmental Critic), John Etches (SAGE), Susan Howlett (Kawartha Community Midwives), Roy Brady (SAGE), Richard Tyssen, Greg Roy, James Wilkes, Erin Parker and Alan Clarke.

The following 41 people and organizations made presentations in Ottawa:

Mireille LaPointe (acting co-chief, Ardoch Algonquins), reading from a presentation by Robert Lovelace, Roger Peters, (The Pembina Institute), Dr. Gordon Edwards, Mary-Lynn Holton, for Bruce H. Moore, (Director of the International Land Coalition (ILC)), Phillip Penna presenting for (ICUCEC, The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan, and James Penna) with a power point by Dr. Chris Busby PhD, Stephan Hazell, (Sierra Club of Canada), Rosemary Taylor, Linda Harvey (Physicians for Global Survival), Bob Stevenson, Lisa Gue (David Suzuki Foundation), Kelly O'Grady (First Six Years), Paul Dewar, (NDP MP Ottawa Centre), Gloria Morrison, Brennain Lloyd (Northwatch), David Shackleton, Charles Ficner, Joan Kuyek (Mining Watch Canada), Ed Burt, Andrew MacDonald, Meg Illman-White (United Church of Canada), Kim Scott, Paul Gibson, Jane Gibson, Derek North, Peggy Land, Linda Kinsella, Ivona Vujica, Eyah-Arnold Saulteaux, Qais Ghanem, (Physician and for Green Party), Kevin Kinsella, Michael Patenaude (West Quebec Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium, Richard Cuyler, Karen Markle (National Farmers Union of Ontario, Local 1), William Terence Tufts, David Gill, Jeremy Wright, Ken Billing (ACTcity), and Michele Bourque.

Approximately 230 submissions and presentations were received and are being uploaded as they are processed. They can be viewed by clicking here (and make this a hot link).