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Citizens’ Inquiry on the Impacts of the Uranium Cycle
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The Citizens’ Inquiry Report

About the Citizens’ Inquiry

What Is The Citizens’ Inquiry?

CCAMU is holding a Citizens' Inquiry on the impacts of Uranium. This may involve, among other things, public hearings, written and oral submissions and fact gathering by experts, stakeholders and those interested in uranium, community, the environment and social justice.

Why a Citizens’ Inquiry?

Citizens became concerned when exploration for uranium began in 2007 in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. Concerns included contamination and the resulting health and environmental impacts, which include the risk to drinking water supplies, the health of millions of people and the contamination of three major river systems, two of which are upriver of Ottawa.

Twelve municipal Councils and two Counties, in eastern Ontario, numerous associations, two affected First Nations communities, several not-for-profit organizations and thousands of Ontario residents and others from around the world have appealed to the province of Ontario for a moratorium into exploration and mining of uranium.

The Ontario government has a duty to protect its citizens and has failed in that duty. In the absence of action from the McGuinty government, a number of non-government organizations announced a citizen’s inquiry on December 13, 2007.

For a fact sheet on the risks from uranium exploration, mining and processing in Eastern Ontario, click here.